A metallic element that is classified as Reactive or Corrosion Resistant alloy is Zirconium.  

In reducing or oxidizing applications, zirconium can withstand temperatures of up to 1200oF. Zirconium may be exceptionally protective against pitting, stress, and crevice corrosion in addition to being highly resistant to uniform corrosion attack.

In spite of its density of 6.52 grams per cubic cm, zirconium is one of the best materials for nuclear power rods because of its very small neutron absorption cross-section and its relatively high melting point (1855°C or 3371°F). More uses have been discovered as more individuals get acquainted with Zr and its compound. In particular chemical conditions, such as acidic and corrosive acids, zirconium metal, and zirconium alloys offer benefits. Zirconium’s corrosion resistance is due to a closely adherent oxide that develops practically quickly.

Tubes and pipes made of zirconium are used for various applications:

Among the applications where Zirconium 702 Tube & Pipe can be used are for transmission of corrosive fluids: Reactors, chemical and biological, condensers, transport pipelines for corrosive fluids, aquaculture off-shore.

Petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas companies frequently specify it for the construction of their piping systems. Operations in these severe industrial settings use abrasive fluids, which are frequently at extremely high temperatures. This contact severely tests the corrosive resistance and strength of equipment surfaces.

Metal zirconium and other metals are used to make Zirconium tubes and Zirconium Pipe. Zirconium alloy tubes and pipes are frequently utilized in nuclear fuel assembly and interior components of water-cooled reactors due to their superior nuclear performance and corrosion resistance. It is mostly used to make chemical equipment from pure zirconium tubes and pipes

Advantages of Zirconium Pipe:

  • It is cost-effective.
  • Offer multiple decades of cost-effective life span
  • Reduce costly downtime caused by equipment damage.
  • Allow for high compressed gasses.
  • Rule out the possibility of processing leaking.
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