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Jay Steel Corporation is the company that takes the lead in the Global market today in terms of producing fittings and providing services. Our materials are in high demand because of the esteem grade that we offer. We always trust and prefer known sources for buying raw materials. No alteration is allowed when dealing with perfection. Jay Steel Corporation not only sells products but also assists technically or solves issues with assembling to industries. We believing just selling products is not sufficient but also providing after-sale service is very necessary. Our team dedicated its valuable talent, knowledge, and time to deliver the best results. We also consider taking feedback from the client on a timely basis to improve our methods or rectify any procedures.

Finned tubes are manufactured at Jay Steel Corporation by forming process. They are used for heat exchangers. These heat exchangers have many fins around the tubes, making them have more contact from the outside area. It facilitates a good flow of liquid or heat from outside to the inner part of the tube. We try to study the area where these finned tubes would be exactly used and according to designing is done. Our finned tubes prove to be very compatible and flexible with the heat exchangers.

Jay Steel Corporation has an expert team that inspects every aspect of the heat exchanger and then precisely manufactures finned tubes that are durable and formable. As per the requirement of heat transfer expected by the heat exchanger, our finned tubes are optimized. The materials used are best selected to make the final output best suited for the application. The price of these finned tubes as marketed by Jay Steel Corporation is legitimate. No extra expenses have been added to the final cost.

Strict tests are conducted to check the efficiency of these finned tubes. Any defect or error is immediately identified by our team and rectified. The team in charge of these affairs are the extreme masters who have great expertise. Their supervision and surveillance bring out the most perfect and structured finned tubes ever. We hand over the container of these products in the safest and secure mode.

Standard Specification For Finned Tubes

  • Finned Type:G, Kl & L, Ll
  • Finned Tube Diameter : Min 0.5” (12.7 Mm) To Max. 2” (50.8 Mm) Od
  • Finned Tube Material : Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Alloy Steel As Per Customer’s Requirement.
  • Wire Material: GI Wire / Stainless Steel Wire / Copper Wire
  • Fins Height : Min 0.31” (7.87 Mm) To 0.75” (19.05 Mm) (depending On Tube Od)
  • Fin Density : Minimum 7 Fins Per Inch To Maximum 12.4 Fins Per Inch

Types of Finned Tubes

Stainless Steel Finned Tubes
SS Finned Tubes
  • Stainless Steel L Finned Tubes
  • SS Turbo-Chill Fin Tubes
  • Stainless Steel Finned Straight Tubes
  • Stainless Steel G Embedded Finned Tubes Exporter
  • Stainless Steel Welded Square Fin Tubes
  • SS Knurled L Footed Fin Tube Supplier
  • Stainless Steel L-Foot Finned Tubes Stockist
  • SS L-Foot Finned Tubes Stockist
  • Stainless Steel KL Footed Fin
  • SS LL Finned Tubes
  • Stainless Steel LL Finned Tubes
Carbon Steel Finned Tubes
Carbon Steel Finned Tubes
  • Carbon Steel L Finned Tubes
  • CS Turbo-Chill Fin Tubes
  • Carbon Steel Finned Straight Tubes
  • Carbon Steel G Embedded Finned Tubes Exporter
  • Carbon Steel Welded Square Fin Tubes
  • CS Knurled L Footed Fin Tube Supplier
  • Carbon Steel L-Foot Finned Tubes Stockist
  • CS L-Foot Finned Tubes Stockist
  • Carbon Steel KL Footed Fin
  • CS LL Finned Tubes
  • Carbon Steel LL Finned Tubes
Mild Steel Finned Tubes
Mild Steel Finned Tubes
  • Mild Steel L Finned Tubes
  • MS Turbo-Chill Fin Tubes
  • Mild Steel Finned Straight Tubes
  • Mild Steel G Embedded Finned Tubes Exporter
  • Mild Steel Welded Square Fin Tubes
  • MS Knurled L Footed Fin Tube Supplier
  • Mild Steel L-Foot Finned Tubes Stockist
  • MS L-Foot Finned Tubes Stockist
  • Mild Steel KL Footed Fin
  • MS LL Finned Tubes
  • Mild Steel LL Finned Tubes

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Finned Tubes Ready Stock in India

  • Stainless Steel 304 Finned Tubes
  • Carbon Steel G Type Fin Tube
  • Stainless Steel 316 L-Foot Fin Tubes
  • Mild Steel Wrap-On Fin Tubes
  • 304L SS Fin Tube
  • 316L Stainless Steel KL Footed Fin
  • Type of Finned Tubes Supplier
  • Carbon Steel Integral Fin Tube
  • CS External Finned Tubes
  • Stainless Steel Bimetal Finned Tube
  • Carbon Steel Welded Finned Tubes Dealer
  • SS Extruded Finned Tube
  • Carbon L-Foot Finned Tubes
  • SS G Embedded Finned Tubes Dealer
  • Stainless Steel Welded Spiral Fin Tubes Stockist
  • Mild Steel Integral Low Fin Tubes Supplier in Mumbai
  • MS Finned Straight Tubes Manufacturer in India
  • Stainless Steel U- Bend Fin Tubes
  • SS LL Finned Tubes
  • CS Welded Square Fin Tubes at Best Price

Finned Tubes Applications

Application Industries
  • Oil & Gas Industrires
  • Chemical Industries
  • Construction Industries
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Shipbuilding Industries
  • Sugar Industrires
  • Power Plant Industries
  • Fertilizer Industrires

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