Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality is the basis and is fully embedded in our goal and values of Jay Steel Corporation. By continually increasing quality in all aspects of the business, we work towards the development of organizational excellence.

We at Jay Steel Corporation are committed to reaching high-quality standards for our products and services by implementing a Quality Management System (QMS).

Each manager/supervisor is accountable for executing this policy in the area of activity for which he is responsible.

We are committed to:

  • Ensure product quality from the commencement of the design phase and throughout the manufacturing, stocking, and delivery processes.
  • Delivering ‘Zero Defects’ products and services.
  • Implementing solid systems and procedures to ensure “First Time Right” results.
  • Developing an engaged and empowered workforce to enable clients to benefit from innovation, problem-solving, and value generation.
  • Creating proactive product and service differentiators to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Establishing quality objectives at the appropriate level to guarantee that those criteria are met in our company.
  • Our policy, as well as the quality objectives that go along with it, are evaluated and communicated to all of our workers on a regular basis.
  • Measure and improve quality performance on a continuous basis, and give key performance indicators to staff.
  • Respond to product quality and service concerns in a productive and timely manner, ensuring that long-term and successful solutions are implemented.