Tantalum Strip, Sheet & Plate

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Jay Steel Corporation is involved in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting Tantalum Sheet & Plate in several sizes, dimensions, grades, thickness and specifications. We are offering these sheets that meet the budget of our domestic as well as international clients. We are always focusing ion understanding and meeting exact needs that are specified by our buyers and also rendering the after-sell services whenever required. We provide Tantalum Sheet that possess many features such as dimensional stability, fine surface finish, higher mechanical strength, and less maitenance. Apart from these features, our plates have excellent toughness and higher flexibility to withstand in hostile corrosive as well as reducing environments. International industries widely recommend our Tantalum Plate due to its higher workability and sustainable features even in harsh conditions.

Jay Steel Corporation uses blue-grey alloy offers good hardness, radiant transition, rare metal known as Tantalum for the development of our sheets and plates. We provide Tantalum Plate that exhibits good electrical and thermal conductivity. Also this sheet is highly immune to oxidation and general corrosion. Our Tantalum Sheet efficiently perform in bitter solution comprising fluoride ion and sulphur trioxide. Our offeredsheet has defensive oxide coatings making it highly operational products in many industries. Also this plate work in most acids and cryogenic temperature. These sheets and plates are widely useful due to long-term functioning ability, improved durability and reliability. The excellent corrosion resistance and useful heat transfer features of Tantalum Plate make them useful in applications, including heat exchangers, chemical process equipment, condensers, pharmaceutical, vacuum furnace, and, nuclear reactors.

Jay Steel Corporation gives utmost importance to the quality assurance and error free performance of Tantalum Sheet. We have hired a highly experienced quality control team that conducts numerous inspecting processes to verify our manufactured Tantalum Plate at different production stages. These tests are done as per the set quality standards. We make sure that we supply efficient and defect-free sheets to global industries. We achieve customer satisfaction by offering damage-free and rust free delivery of Tantalum Sheet within the stipulated delivery time.We offer doorstep delivery of our products to the desired locations of our clients.

Standard Specification For Tantalum Alloy Plate, Sheet, and Strip

  • Specifications: ASTM B708 / ASME SB708
  • Dimension Standard: MSRR, AMS, BS, JIS, AISI, ASTM, GB, DIN, EN, etc
  • Sheets/Plates Size Range: Cold rolled Sheet 0.5-6.4 mm
    Hot rolled Sheet 3.0–10.0 mm
  • Sheets/Plates Width: 1000mm, 1219mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, etc
  • Sheets/Plates Length: 2000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm, 5800mm, 6000mm, etc
  • Sheets/Plates Thickness: 0.3 mm to 120 mm
  • Strip Coils Width:250mm to 750 mm (Mill Edge) 5.0mm to 750 mm (Slit Edge
  • Strip Thickness: 0.15 mm to 3.50 mm
  • Strip Hardness: Annealed-pickled(soft), 1/4 hard, 1/2 hard, 3/4 hard & full hard (as rolled)
  • Hardness: Half Hard, Soft, Hard, Quarter Hard, Spring Hard
  • Form: Sheet, Plate, Strip, Flats, Clad Plate, Coils, Foils, Plain Sheet, Flat Shim, Flat Sheet, Shim Sheet, Rolling Sheet, Rolling Plate, Rolls, Blank (Circle), soft annealed, descaled, tread plate, sheared, annealed, Checker Plate
  • Value Added Service: Cladding, Heat Treatment, Annealed, Pickling, Polish, Rolling, Cutting, Bending, Forging, Minor Fabrication Etc.

Equivalent Grades of Tantalum Alloy Strip, Sheet & Plate

TantalumR05200, R05400, R05255, R05252, R05240

Types of Tantalum Strip, Sheet & Plate

Hot Rolled Sheet
Hot Rolled Sheets
  • ASME SB 708 Tantalum HR Sheets
  • R05255 Tantalum Hot Rolled Sheets Exporter
  • Tantalum R05200 Hot Rolled Sheets
  • Tantalum Alloy Hot Rolled Sheets
  • ASTM B708 Tantalum Hot Rolled Sheets
  • Tantalum Hot Rolled Sheets
  • Tantalum HR Hot Rolled Sheets Stockist
  • Ta Alloy Hot Rolled Sheets
  • UNS R05252 Hot Rolled Sheets
  • Tantalum R05200 HR Sheets Supplier
Cold Rolled Sheet
Cold Rolled Sheets
  • Tantalum Alloy Cold Rolled Sheets
  • Tantalum CR Sheets Exporter
  • UNS R05252 Cold Rolled Sheets
  • Tantalum HR Cold Rolled Sheets Stockist
  • Tantalum Cold Rolled Sheets
  • Tantalum CR Sheets
  • ASME SB 708 Tantalum Cold Rolled Sheets
  • Ta Alloy Cold Rolled Sheets
  • Tantalum R05200 Cold Rolled Sheets Supplier
  • ASTM B708 Tantalum Cold Rolled Sheets
  • Tantalum Plates Exporter
  • Tantalum R05200 Plates Supplier
  • Tantalum Alloy Plates
  • Tantalum HR Plates
  • UNS R05252 Cold Rolled Plates
  • Tantalum Hot Rolled Plates
  • Tantalum R05200 Hot Rolled Plates
  • Tantalum Hot Rolled Plates
  • Tantalum Plates
  • Tantalum CR Plates Stockist
  • ASTM B708 Tantalum Plates
  • ASME SB 708 Tantalum Plain Plates
Sheet Supplier
  • Tantalum Sheet Stockist
  • Tantalum Sheet Supplier
  • Tantalum Alloy Sheets
  • Ta Alloy Sheet
  • ASTM B708 Tantalum Sheets
  • Tantalum R05200 Sheets
  • Tantalum JIS NCF Sheets
  • ASME SB 708 Tantalum Sheets
  • Tantalum Alloy Sheets Supplier
  • Tantalum Sheets Exporter
  • Ta Alloy UNS R05252 Sheets
Foil Manufacturers & Suppliers in India
  • UNS R05252 Cold Rolled Foils
  • Tantalum Foils
  • Tantalum Foils Exporter
  • Tantalum Alloy UNS R05252 HR Foils
  • Tantalum R05200 HR Foils
  • Ta Alloy Foils
  • Tantalum CR Foil Stockist
  • Tantalum Alloy Foil Supplier
  • Tantalum Hot Rolled Foils
  • ASME SB 708 Tantalum Foils
  • Tantalum Alloy Foils
  • ASTM B708 Tantalum Foil
  • Tantalum R05200 CR Foils
  • Tantalum R05200 Strips
  • ASME SB 708 Tantalum Strips
  • UNS R05252 Cold Rolled Strips
  • ASTM B708 Tantalum Strips
  • Tantalum Hot Rolled Strips
  • Tantalum Alloy Strips
  • Tantalum R05200 HR Strips
  • Tantalum Strips Exporter
  • UNS R05252 Strips
  • Tantalum Strips
  • Tantalum CR Strips Stockist
  • Tantalum R05200 Strips Supplier

Request the latest Tantalum Strip, Sheet & Plates Price List. Please Call +91222380 5075 or Send an Email to info@jaysteelcorporation.co.in for Tantalum UNS R05252, R05200 Strip, Sheet & Plate Ready stock information and updated price list.


Tantalum Strip, Sheet & Plate Chemical Composition

Element R05200 (%,Max) R05400 (%,Max) R05255 (Ta10W) / (%,Max) R05252 (Ta2.5W) / (%,Max) R05240 (Ta-40Nb) / (%,Max)

Tantalum Strip, Sheet & Plate Mechanical Properties

GradeTensile strength δbpsi (MPa), ≥Yield strength δ0.2, psi (MPa),≥ Elongation in 1″/2″ gage length, %, ≥
R05200/R0540030000 (207)20000 (138)25
 R0525240000 (276)28000 (193) 20
 R0525570000 (481)60000 (414)15
 R0524040000 (276) 28000 (193)20

Tantalum Strip, Sheet & Plate Ready Stock in India

  • Tantalum Large Diameter Circle
  • Tantalum Shim Sheets Supplier in Mumbai
  • Tantalum Rolls
  • ASTM B708 Tantalum Sheets & Plates at Best Price
  • Tantalum 20 mm Thick Plate
  • Tantalum Plate Supplier
  • Tantalum Sheets Stockist
  • Tantalum Alloy Plate
  • ASTM B708 Tantalum Strips
  • Tantalum Industrial Sheets & Plates
  • Tantalum Plasma Cutting Plate
  • Tantalum Alloy Blank Sheet
  • Tantalum Sheets
  • Type Tantalum Sheets & Plates
  • Tantalum Plates
  • Ta Alloy Strips Dealer
  • Tantalum Sheets Dealer
  • Tantalum Strips
  • Tantalum Sheets/ Plates/Strips Supplier
  • Tantalum Plates Supplier
  • Tantalum Industrial Strips
  • Tantalum Sheets & Plates
  • Tantalum Alloy Strips
  • ASTM B708 Tantalum Plates

Tantalum Strip, Sheet & Plate Applications

Application Industries
  • Oil & Gas Industrires
  • Chemical Industries
  • Construction Industries
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Shipbuilding Industries
  • Sugar Industrires
  • Power Plant Industries
  • Fertilizer Industrires

Our Export Destinations

United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, United States Of America, Egypt, Qatar, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Africa, Malaysia, Europe, Australia, Iran, Iraq.

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